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The Ultra Mobile HDD From Seagate – To Power The Sailing P13A, Haier Computer’s First 13-Inch Tablet/PC

Posted on Sep, 21, 2017

Seagate will power the first 13-inch Tablet/PC from the Haier Computers, also known as the Sailing P13A. This Seagate HDD is chosen as the standard for the all the PC products from Haier.The Sailing P13A is a result of the strategic alliance between Seagate and Haier, in their efforts to bring out the best of the PC products, for the industry. High Capacity storage is being integrated into the Tablets/PCs from Haier as a result of using the Ultra Mobile HDD from Seagate. This caters to the users in accessing their contents from the home or from any other location.

The Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD delivers the power, reliability and the performance of a flash drive. When compared with the traditional 64 GB tablet, the Ultramobile HDD actually provides 7 times the storage capacity of the traditional storage device.The capacity range of the Ultra Mobile HDD is up to 500 GB, which proves to be the highest available capacity for the ultra-thin HDD and also supports a wide range of 100, 000 photos, 1,25000 songs as well as 62 hours of high-definition songs and movies.

The Sailing P13A is a unique product, which offers high capacity storage for the thinnest and the fastest tablet PC in the market. It offers PC like storage space and reliability same as any flash device.

Some Important Features of the Ultra Mobile HDD are:

  • There Is An Integration Of The Ultra Mobile HDD With The Zero Gravity Sensor From Seagate. This Is Responsible For Better Shock Management For The Next Generation Tablets/PCs.

  • The 2.5 Inch Ultra Mobile HDD Has Dimensions Like 5 Mm Thin Ness And A Weight Of Mere 3.3 Oz, Which Exhibits The Experience Of Seagate In Ultra-Portable Devices Like Handheld Video Recorders, MP3 Players And IPod. The 5 Mm Drive Design Can Comfortably Fit Into The Mobile Device, Thus Accommodating The Form Factor. It Is Also Capable Of Addressing The Unique Usage Requirements Along With Such Benefits Like The Storage Capacity.

  • The HDD Comes With An Intelligent Caching Design, Implemented At The Systems Level.

  • The Ultra Mobile HDD Has Dynamic Data Driver Software, Which Ensures Power Consumption Like A 64 GB Tablet But Performance Of A 16 GB Tablet. The Cost Is Lesser With Larger Storage Space.

  • The Incorporated Power Modes Accounts For The Support Provided To The Drive-In The Idle, Sleep And The Standby Modes.

  • The Consumption Is As Low As 0.14 W And Supports The Long Battery Life As Demanded By The Tablets.

  • Drive Protection Is Being Provided With The Thermal Monitoring Algorithms Or Motion Sensors Through Which Drive Access Can Be Controlled And Harmful Usage Conditions Are Avoided.

  • The Drive Is Also Well Insulated And In Cases Of Being Dropped, The Mobile Devices Screen Breaks Before Any Damage Is Caused To The Hard Drive.

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