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Smart & Sturdy Approach To Data Loss Prevention In Pune

Posted on Aug, 19, 2017

While Data Leak Prevention (DLP) has been a sensational news for checking data hacking/theft over the Internet in Pune city in recent time, another term Data Loss Prevention for which the same acronym holds is also gaining tremendous attention among businesses of all sizes as well as individuals. Data loss prevention, unlike data leak, is not a measure to check, protect, safeguard, or hide your sensitive and personal data reaching to unauthorized sources. This is even not a proactive step; in fact, the exact term is data recovery and there seems to be a dire need of data recovery service center in Pune.

Computer data ultimately get saved in the huge hard disks of a terabyte of size coming now a day. Whether it is a desktop or a laptop, servers, SAN, NAS, or RAID storage boxes, it is the hard disk that stores data and other applications responsible for creating data. Any damage to the hard disk actually causes data loss and hence the solution to the problem of data loss lies with hard disk recovery. Therefore, a hard disk recovery service center in Pune works on getting the data back from a damaged or troubled hard disk.

Now, if we categorize data loss (hard disk issues), broadly they are two kinds;

A)    Logical Data Loss

The hard disk is said to be logically damaged if the operating system installed onto the disk is crashed or does not function properly. Sometimes, the OS becomes so badly damaged that the system refuses to boot up and the entire data remains inaccessible. The solution to getting the system back to working is to format the hard disk and reinstall the OS; however, at the cost of the data saved onto the hard disk.

B)    Physical Data Loss

Physical damage, on the other hand, signifies any damage to the hard disk physically due to reasons, such as breaking of any component of the disk. Damage to the platter due to a jerk, fire, water/liquid spill over, moisture etc or other electro-mechanical parts of the hard disk also result in data loss. However, unlike logical data loss, data loss in case of physical cases is not recoverable by mere reformatting, as the hard disk is not at all responsive for reinstallation of the operating system. Data recovery service in CLASS 100 Clean Room is the only solution in this case.

Stellar Data Recovery is a definitive address for the hard disk recovery service center in Pune. With branches in 14 important cities across India, the Stellar has been solving numerous cases of data loss of all nature.

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