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Here we present information about Data recovery services and news updates in the field of data recovery

The Ultra Mobile HDD From Seagate – To Power The Sailing P13A, Haier Computer’s First 13-Inch Tablet/PC

Seagate will power the first 13-inch Tablet/PC from the Haier Computers, also known as the Sailing P13A. This Seagate HDD is chosen as the standard for the all the PC products from Haier.The Sailing P13A is a result of the strategic alliance between Seagate and Haier, in their efforts to […]

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Why You Should Not Use The Same External Drive For Backup And Storage

Technically speaking there is no reason why the same drive cannot be used for the storage purpose as well as backup. But doing so is a bad idea because there are issues, which arise because of this problem. There are many issues. First, we need to understand the issues with […]

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Smart & Sturdy Approach To Data Loss Prevention In Pune

While Data Leak Prevention (DLP) has been a sensational news for checking data hacking/theft over the Internet in Pune city in recent time, another term Data Loss Prevention for which the same acronym holds is also gaining tremendous attention among businesses of all sizes as well as individuals. Data loss […]

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